5th - 8th Grade

5th - 8th Grade


These are vital years in the lives of these students and we have such a great opportunity to help the form their views and values about who they are, who God is, and the world around them. We them to understand that they, as students, have the ability to impact their worlds for the gospel. Jesus doesn't have an age limit.

We do this weekly on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:00pm, that consists of worship, teaching, small groups, and a lot of fun, as well as events throughout the year!


This area is geared at helping students connect with a God who loves them, designed them, and wants them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can attend events and gatherings?

All 5th-8th Grade students are welcome at events and gatherings.

What can my child expect to do at 5th-8th Grade gatherings?

Students will hear the message of Jesus and have fun doing it. They will have the opportunity to experience God-centered community by hanging out with friends and adult volunteers.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend?

You don’t have to believe to belong - we welcome everyone and you will hear the message of Jesus!

When does 5th-8th Grade meet?

5th-8th Grade meets every Wednesday night at 7pm at the Berlin campus (September-March) along with special events throughout the year.


Anna Miller, 5th-8th Grade Coordinator