Discover Partnership

Discover Partnership


About Partnership

Here at Grace we want to encourage you to take the step of becoming a Grace Partner. The class is designed for those who have already been baptized and desire to take the next step in becoming more deeply engaged through serving, giving, and regularly attending gatherings. The class will cover Grace’s mission, vision and values, the vision and purpose of Group Life, serving opportunities, and Grace's Partner Covenant. Get started and register at a campus near you!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can my partnership be removed?

There are three criteria's that must be met in order to maintain your partnership with Grace:

  1. Serving
  2. Giving
  3. Regularly Attending Gatherings

We annually go through our books and if we see an individual is not meeting at least two of these key points, they are no longer considered a Grace partner.

What are my next steps after becoming a Grace Partner?

Your next steps are to become more engaged with Grace by using your spiritual gifts to serve.

What are Grace's beliefs?
What is Grace's Partner Covenant?