Firman Miller

Firman Miller



WhatsApp: 1+ (330)464-9578


58:12 Global

Ministry Description

I will be serving in Thailand starting in January 2020 where almost everyone believes in Buddhism. I will be working with 58:12 Global, a foundation to bring hope and healing to children who are in need. My vision is not only reaching the lost, but also to make disciples. By God's grace, I will be doing evangelism, prayer walking, community outreach and building relationships with Thai people. 

Firman's Story

I never thought I would go overseas for missions. When I was asked about it, I would say no I cannot do it, I had so much fear of going. However, God kept on telling me he wants to send me. I made all kinds of excuses to not go. I said pick someone else that is more capable of going, I can't, and I don't know how. But God totally flipped my priorities. He got me to the point where I said "Here I am, send me."

Firman Miller Daring Faith Story