God Stories

God Stories

Andy Schafer Daring Faith Story

Andy Schafer

 "God provided what we needed, right when we needed it."

Andy shares his Daring Faith story and and how God showed up miraculously and provided for every obstacle that came their way.

Julia Klink Daring Faith Story
Four years after stepping out in faith, God confirmed it was where He wanted me

Julia Klink

 "If I would not have stepped out 4 years before, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to help."

Julia shares her Daring Faith story and how God showed her she was in the right place.

Firman Miller Daring Faith Story
Saying YES to God and NO to fear

Firman Miller

 "I came up with all kinds of reasons to not go. But the Lord got me to a point where I said 'Okay, God, I'll do it, but You have to help me because I can't.'"

Firman shares his Daring Faith story and how he said YES to God and NO to his fears.


Grady Schlabach God Story
Even in the midst of pain, there is joy

The Schlabach Family

 "To see his joy even though he's going through chemo treatments right now, is unbelievable."

The Schlabach family shares a part of their God story and how joy can come even in the midst of hardship.



Chad Stutzman Daring Faith Story
We are trusting God to make a difference in our community

Chad Stutzman

 "We are stepping out as a church with Daring Faith through multisite."

Chad shares our Daring Faith story as Grace Church and how we are trusting God to make a difference in our community.

AJ Miller Daring Faith Story
Don't let your doubts keep you from stepping out in faith

AJ Miller

 "Don't let those 'But..' people or questions keep you from stepping out, because God can do amazing things when we step out in faith."

AJ shares his Daring Faith story and how God supplied for all of his needs when he stepped out in faith.


Eric Mellott Daring Faith Story
For His Glory

Eric Mellott

 "I prayed God would heal me, but to do it so that they would see His glory."

Eric shares his Daring Faith story and how he chose to believe God would heal him for His glory.

Bruce Hamsher Daring Faith Story
Daring to Believe

Bruce Hamsher

 "Lord, I believe. But help me in my unbelief."

Bruce shares his Daring Faith story and how he chose to trust God even when it didn't make sense.

Matt Yoder God Story
What does it mean to live chosen?

Matt Yoder 

 "God wants to turn my pain into a platform to lift him up."

Matt shares his redemption story and how he chooses to live everyday like a chosen person of God.


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