Javin & Sheryl Mullet

Javin & Sheryl Mullet

The Mullet's Story

We are the Mullets! We got married in 2014 and welcomed our first baby boy, Riley, in 2018. Javin grew up on and around the mission field and was actually born in Haiti. After learning the native language (Creole), English, and Pennsylvania Dutch, his parents moved back to Ohio when he was five. He went on many short-term mission trips as a teenager and young adult to many different countries, and never planned on moving back to Haiti or moving out of the U.S. at all. 

While leading a mission trip to Mexico in July of 2019, God began a specific work in Javin's heart. He felt God calling him to put his yes on the table and to be all in. His mind always went to Haiti, to all the needs there, to all the helpless children, to the broken homes not being able to support their own family, to the trip him and Sheryl had made to Haiti five years earlier. He returned to Ohio and told Sheryl what he felt God had put on his heart, and she simply said she felt the same way, but wanted God to work it in his heart first. 

Since then, we have been making progress in moving to Haiti and are excited to move early 2021. We are excited to see how God is going to work through us in Haiti and for His name and renown to be proclaimed in Leogane, Haiti.

Ministry Description

We will be serving with 58:12 Global in Leogane, Haiti which is a call to help vulnerable families. At this time, we are unsure of what exactly God is planning to do with 58:12 Haiti, but are excited to see him lead and direct us one step at a time.