Matt & Anabella Parker

Matt & Anabella Parker




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Matt & Anabella's Story

We are Matt, Anabella and Dustin Parker. Matt is a third generation missionary who grew up on the moth of the Amazon in Brazil. Anabella is Ecuadorian who has a passion for teaching kids. Dustin is six years old and loves being a missionary kid! God has allowed us to serve him in several unique ways...

Director for New Media HCJB radio - Matt has been leading the New Media department for HCJB, the Christian Radio station in Quito, Ecuador. We are reaching one million people around the world every month using our website, Facebook, Youtube and streaming.

Training Leaders & Ministries - The Lord has been using Matt not only for HCJB's online ministry, but also to help train other radio stations and ministries in the use of digital media to effectively reach others for Christ.

Directing Players of Hope - There are over 10,000 communities along the Amazon River and around 8,000 who have never heard the Gospel. God gave us the vision to help reach and disciple these people using solar powered mp3 players. For the past four years we have distributed close to 3,000 players, providing families with quality programming that has helped open up and evangelize communities and is helping believers grow and mature spiritually.

Serving God Across Borders