Sugarcreek Campus


Sugarcreek Campus


Chad Stutzman, Pastor of Multi Site




1019 W Main Street

Sugarcreek, OH 44681


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Our vision for Grace Church is to upsize, expand, and multiply what God has entrusted to us. Our plans are to launch a campus in Sugarcreek in early November 2019. This is a part of our 5-year strategy to launch multiple campuses in rural communities in Northeast Ohio to make more disciples and to multiply our gospel influence. Here are five reasons why we believe this is our time to go multisite: God's Leading, Our Vision, Our Team, Our Resources, and Dying Churches.


Why Sugarcreek?

  1. To reach the nones and dones in that area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. To add value to the Sugarcreek community in tangible and practical ways.
  3. To have a smaller venue for people that want a more intimate setting.
  4. To have a good first experience with launching our first campus.
  5. To leverage Grace people's influence that already live in that area.