Missionary Support Teams

Missionary Support Teams


Our vision is to provide care and support for Grace's missionaries through teams of individuals. These individuals will help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the missionary and missionary's family in practical ways.  


Frequently Asked Questions
What are the responsibilities of a team member?

As part of the missionary support team, we would like you to invest in a spiritual and emotional relationship with the missionary and family through regular communication and care as a check-in for prayer needs and seasons of life. It is essential to take the time to listen and care for their needs. Be a friend to the missionary.

How will I communicate with the missionary?

Once you join the team, you will receive the missionary's contact information form that includes the missionary's preferred methods of communication.

What are some ways that I can support the missionary?
  • Regularly asking questions such as; How are you doing? How can I care for you? How can I encourage you?
  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries by sending an email, mailing a card, skyping, or posting a picture on Grace’s social media (contact the church to post).

  • Create a care package with small seemingly mundane items that they cannot purchase in their adopted country.

  • Reply to their newsletters, even if it’s just one line, to say, “Thanks for the update.”

  • Send books, toys, new clothing or food via mail to the missionary's children.

What happens next after I join a team?

After you join a team, the Missions Coordinator will be in contact with you to review the responsibilities and handout the necessary information needed to be a part of the team. Then, you will begin to communicate with the missionary! A quarterly update will be required in order to remain accountable.